Pringles BBQ 190g

Pringles BBQ 190g

Pringles BBQ Chips 190g 一 an unusual flavor for those who like new sensations

For many years Pringles has been producing quite high quality and tasty crisps. Many customers pay attention to their unusual packaging and take them often without even looking at the appearance of the crisps. But Pringles BBQ has a very unusual flavor.

The main differences between Pringles BBQ and other types of crisps

Pringles BBQ crisps are distinguished by their flavor characteristics. At the first tasting, you can taste the flavor:

  • fried onions on a skewer;
  • chili peppers;
  • ripe tomatoes;
  • barbecue sauce.

This is accompanied by notes of smoke from the campfire. This combination is very similar to the products used in the preparation of Texas barbecue. Therefore, these chips have a somewhat spicy, but quite pleasant flavor. 

Pringles BBQ chips are most often purchased by fans of spicy and unusual combinations. 

Why choose Pringles chips 

Pringles chips are considered the top brand of this product in terms of popularity among different target audiences. Therefore, by purchasing Pringles BBQ and other series of these crisps shops get loyal customers. They will regularly purchase their favorite chips and enjoy their taste. 

Among the advantages of purchasing Pringles stand out:

  • convenient packaging in a tube, which minimizes their damage, and the products will not crumble on delivery;
  • the availability of a large flavor range for fans of crisps;
  • high margin of this product.

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All requests are promptly processed. To each client, we approach taking into account their individual needs and are ready to show their professionalism at the first order. 

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