Buy branded bath lotions in bulk on Inventta

Products such as bath lotion are in constant demand in wholesale stores and bases. Therefore, they need reliable suppliers who can cover their current needs for these goods. Finding such a partner takes a lot of time. Not all companies can provide quality products in sufficient volumes.

Representatives of Inventta can become such a partner for European stores and wholesale bases. Our website offers a wide range of high-quality products and we are ready to provide the relevant certificates. Bath lotions sold by us are produced by well-known brands under popular trademarks. You will be able to collect a minimum order from 1 truckload because there is a lot to choose from in our catalog.  

Types of bath lotions at Inventta

Our company can offer our customers a wide range of diverse bath lotions. More than 10 brands are presented in the assortment of Inventta. All products are conveniently divided into 3 subcategories:

  • lotions;

  • shower gels;

  • shampoos.

The customer can choose for himself which of them will be best sold at his company. Sold goods can be both standard volume (400 ml) and larger and weighty packages (from 1 liter). 

On the site of Inventta, it is profitable to buy bath lotion in bulk. We regularly replenish the range of products. Also, our customers can count on additional discounts both on the products themselves and on their delivery. All that remains is to understand the specifics of placing an order on Inventta.            

Place an order for Inventta in a couple of minutes

You can create an application for the product via email or on our company's website. In the first case, you simply send us an email with a list of items you need and their quantity. To buy goods on the website of Inventta you need to:

  • go to the site;

  • find the lotion you want;

  • order a minimum of 20 pallets;

  • confirm the order.

So that our customers are engaged only in the purchase and sale of purchased goods we are ready to sell them bath lotions wholesale turnkey. This means that the search for transportation, insurance contracts, and paperwork (including customs) will be handled by our staff. 

Buyers only need to create an application, pay for it, and accept the goods at their warehouse. Working with us is easy, safe, and profitable. You can make sure of it yourself by creating your first order on the Invent website.