Buy branded bleach and stain removers in bulk at Inventta

Finding quality stain remover or bleach is a difficult task. However, wholesale stores and bases need to find reliable suppliers who can provide these products at wholesale prices. The representatives of Invent are ready to become such a partner for European wholesale buyers.

We work only in B2B sales and provide companies with the products they need. You can buy laundry bleach from reputable manufacturers on our website. We have a wide line of the right products. The only thing we ask customers to do is to form orders of 20 pallets or more. But there is a lot to choose from on our site. 

Types of stain removers and bleaches on Inventta

There are more than 20 different brands in the assortment of this website. So if you want to buy the best stain remover, you should pay attention to our catalog. The product line of this category includes brands such as:

  • Ariel;

  • Dr. Beckmann;

  • Fairy;

  • G&G;

  • Heitmann;

  • Oxi;

  • Sil;

  • Vanish;

  • Waschkonig;

  • Wipp;

  • Xanto.

As you can see, there are many different brands and their products in this category. The volume of products sold ranges from 500g to 1.5kg. So if a company needs to quickly purchase oxygen bleach buy it at wholesale prices, then Inventta can help.

Other advantages of Inventta

Our advantages don't end with our extensive product line. It only takes 5 minutes to place a product order. To do this, customers can send an email request and specify the products they need and their quantity. 

More promptly buy bleaches in bulk through our website. We have placed a full catalog of goods, so you can find the desired products in a couple of mouse clicks. At the same time, we regularly add new brands and users can be sure that on our site is not yet the final assortment placed.

To allow our customers to focus on orders we sell products in a turnkey B2B format. Invent's representatives make sure that the customer can buy oxygen bleach in bulk and not have to think about filling out paperwork. Accompanying, insurance, and even customs (if necessary) documents are drawn up by us. Also, our company will search for transportation to deliver the goods to your warehouse. 

In general, it is easy, comfortable, and profitable to work with Inventta. Place on our site the first order for stain removers wholesale to see for yourself.