Wholesale purchases of paper towels together with Inventta

One of the most consistent items in terms of sales in retail stores and wholesale bases is paper towels. Surprisingly, they are the ones that one family buys at least once a week. The reasons are their convenience and the lack of need for regular washing and ironing of such towels. 

To meet such requests stores try to find reliable companies with a good product line. You can buy paper towels in bulk from most of these companies. With wholesale B2B purchases, it is possible to get a more favorable offer. Inventta is ready to help customers in this matter. This company cooperates only with legal entities and only in wholesale sales of such goods. 

Advantages of working with Inventta

On the Inventta website, companies can buy paper towels in bulk:

  • safe;

  • easy;

  • profitable;

  • convenient.

This site can offer to buy these products from well-known manufacturers. Ellis, G&G, Kokett, and Velvet can be highlighted among them. These companies are well known to customers and there is no doubt about the quality of their products. The representatives of Invent can provide quality certificates for the products they sell. Therefore, you can safely buy paper towels in bulk on this site.

The company regularly adds new items from well-known brands. Also, the prices are significantly lower than on competing platforms. And if we take into account that Inventta is ready to formalize a turnkey transaction, then there are more than enough reasons to cooperate with this company. All that remains is to understand how to place an order for paper towel rolls in bulk. 

How to order paper towels on Inventta

To place an order through this store, you need to take the following simple steps:

  • open the site on your PC or laptop;

  • select the desired product;

  • get the goods for 20 pallets (the minimum available order volume);

  • confirm the order.

Customers can also send a request via email to buy bulk paper towels. But more often they send an order through the site. It is more convenient and faster. 

In addition to the ease of ordering, Invent's employees can help with documentation and finding the right transportation. Thus, customers do not need to deal with these issues and can simply wait for the delivery of goods to their warehouse. 

Not all wholesale companies on the market offer such opportunities. Therefore, wholesale stores and bazaars should consider buying paper towels in bulk on the Invent website.