Wholesale purchases of bathtub cleaners on the Inventta website

Household stores and wholesale bases should have a wide range of goods popular among customers. One of the stable positions in the sale is a bathtub cleaner. Initially, it does not have such a large consumption. But end buyers regularly ask for such goods and it should be in the assortment of the seller. 

Such goods are optimally purchased in bulk. Therefore, stores look for reliable wholesalers who work in B2B sales with these goods. The Inventta website can help solve this issue.

How to work with the Inventta website

It is very easy to buy products on this website. Any bath gel or cleaning product can be found in just a couple of clicks. It is only necessary to:

  • go to the site;

  • use the catalog and through the filters to find the desired position;

  • select the product of interest;

  • select the product for a minimum of 20 pallets;

  • confirm the order.

In addition to the search system through filters, you can also run a regular search within the site. But this is best done when you know exactly what items you need. It is also possible to place an order for acrylic bath detergent via email. 

In addition to this, there is 24/7 support on Inventta. Customers can pick up the required goods in the phone mode. The manager in any case will have to call the client, but if you take the initiative, the application will get into his hands faster. After confirming the order with the manager for the purchase of rust remover in the bathroom or other products of this category should pay for the goods and wait for delivery. The amount of delivery and the terms of delivery, the manager should inform in a telephone conversation with the client. 

Why buy products on this site

By purchasing the right products on the Inventta website, cleaning the bathtub in your home will cease to be a problem. There is a wide range of products from top manufacturers. For buyers, there is an opportunity to place a turnkey order. This means that our staff will deal with the preparation of all documents, insurance contracts for the shipment, and even customs documentation if the purchased bath detergent is not sent to EU member states.

Invent's employees are also engaged in finding the right volume of vehicles for the delivery of goods. Customers only have to pay for their bulk order and wait for its receipt at the warehouse. Given the provision of a discount on the delivery of goods (in some cases it reaches 20%, details should be clarified with the manager), working with this store will be not only pleasant but also profitable. It is worth at least trying to place your first order for bathroom detergent in bulk on the site of Inventta.