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Dietary Supplements

The best food additives on the Inventta website

Food additives are used regularly in cooking. Therefore, their sales volume in wholesale stores and bases is quite high. Therefore, they need to find a reliable B2B supplier. Such a supplier should have a wide product line in this category, fast delivery, and wholesale prices. All this can be offered by the Inventta website.

On our site, you will find natural nutritional supplements to meet the needs of your customers. We cooperate exclusively in B2B format and only for bulk purchases. The minimum possible order is 1 truckload of goods, but it is not a problem for wholesale stores to collect this amount of products. Especially since there is a lot to choose from at Inventta. 

What nutritional supplements are sold on Inventta

If you need to buy nutritional supplements in bulk, then first of all you need to study the assortment. On the Inventta website, you can buy:

  • sweeteners;

  • vitamins;

  • gelatin;

  • effervescent tablets;

  • calcium;

  • magnesium, etc.

These items are very popular. All popular types of supplements are available in the assortment of the site. Our partners only need to find  and purchase the food supplements they need them on this resource. 

Manufacturers of nutritional supplements on Inventta

Looking through the assortment available on Inventta in this category, wholesale customers can notice that there are many well-known global brands. The site offers products from brands such as:

  • Abtei;

  • Edeka;

  • Elkos;

  • G&G;

  • Gina;

  • Isostar.

These brands are well-known and there is no doubt about their quality. Therefore, if you are ready to buy nutritional supplements, it is worth analyzing the available offers on the Inventta website. 

Why it is worth working with Inventta

This resource works exclusively with legal entities. Therefore, we know how to properly build mutually beneficial cooperation on wholesale sales in the B2B format. 

All our customers who want to buy food additives in bulk realize that working with us they:

  • save money;

  • quickly close the needs of customers in goods;

  • can purchase from 20 pallets of products;

  • quickly receive the ordered goods to their warehouse.

You can order products either through the website or by sending an e-mail with a request. Most customers choose the first option to buy the nutritional supplement. Also on our site, there is an opportunity to issue a turnkey product. 

In this case, customers only order the product and pay for it. For their part, our managers will search for transportation, customs clearance, cargo insurance, and accompanying documentation. It is advantageous for the client that all issues are handled by us. Therefore, it is worth at least considering the possibility of wholesale purchases through the site of Inventta.