Best chewing gums and lollipops buy wholesale at Inventta

There is a stable demand for chewing gums. That is why wholesale stores and bases in Europe are constantly looking for reliable partners. From such companies, they are ready to buy candies in bulk in large batches. 

The company Inventta is ready to become a reliable partner for such companies. We sell goods exclusively in B2B format. Among our customers are many wholesale stores and bases in Europe. The quality of the goods sold is confirmed by appropriate certificates. Each client can buy gum in bulk from 20 pallets. The main advantage of our company is a wide range of popular products.

Assortment of chewing gums and lollipops on Inventta

This site can offer not just a few variants of chewing gums, but goods from 30 different brands. Here you can purchase gummies in bulk from the brands below:

  • Alex Sweets;

  • Candy Canes;

  • Chocco Garden;

  • Chupa Chups;

  • Fruit-Tella;

  • G&G;

  • Hubba Bubba;

  • Lolli Pops;

  • Mamba;

  • Mentos;

  • Minions;

  • Starburst;

  • Sweets Candy;

  • Swizzels.

For wholesale customers, the selection is very good. Inventta continues to expand its line and concludes agreements with new suppliers. On Dirol wholesale price can be even lower than the price specified in the application. Individual discounts are possible for each client. But this is not the only advantage of cooperation with our company. 

Other advantages of Inventta

On this site, you can place an order within 5 minutes. The client only needs to:

  • open the Invent website;

  • select category gum buy wholesale;

  • add assortment for a volume of 20 pallets or more;

  • confirm your order. 

It is also possible to send an order by email. Our company provides its customers with the opportunity to place a turnkey order.

In this case, buyers will not be engaged in the search for transportation for the delivery of cargo. Our company will independently close this issue after receiving the application and realizing its volume. In addition, we will formalize all documents for those wishing to buy gum turbo in bulk. If necessary, we also prepare customs documents for customers who are outside the EU zone. 

It is easy, comfortable and profitable to cooperate with our company. Buyers only need to apply for the goods and pay for it. All other issues are in our area of responsibility. We will be glad to help you provide volumes for gum turbo wholesale or other chewing gums.