High-quality pasta products in bulk on the Inventta website

Pasta is considered one of the most popular types of side dishes. In Europe, there is a huge demand for them and more and more wholesale stores and bases are looking to buy pasta in bulk. In today's reality, this is quite a reasonable decision.

To organize such purchases, they need to find a reliable supplier. Such a partner should have full stocks, regular updating of goods, and a wide product line. Also, wholesale companies prefer to work with suppliers in the B2B format, which does not extend to the B2C segment. 

The representatives of Invent are ready to help their customers. On this resource, you can buy pasta in bulk at favorable prices. Discounts and regular promotions are provided for regular partners. The range of products will surprise you. 

Types of pasta on Inventta

A wide product line on Inventta is one of the main advantages of this resource. On this site, there is a lot to choose from in the category of vermicelli in bulk. More than 10 brands offer their products on Inventta. Among their goods are various types of pasta, including:

  • spaghetti;

  • tagliatelle;

  • pappardelle;

  • pasta;

  • lasagna pasta;

  • cannelloni and many other variants.

With such a diverse product line, wholesalers can quickly purchase the Italian pasta they need in bulk and cover the demands of their end customers. Not every wholesale supplier can offer a similar selection of durum wheat products. 

Reasons to buy pasta on Inventta

On this site, it is quite easy to make the necessary order. To place an order and purchase products from the category of pasta in bulk you only need to visit the site and select the desired products. The minimum batch to order is 1 truck or 20 pallets of products. 

Our customers can receive goods on a turnkey basis. The company Inventta will independently deal with the registration of cargo insurance contracts, customs clearance, and customs clearance of cargo for delivery to non-EU countries. Also, we are looking for transportation for your specified volumes. Therefore, by ordering from us at groats pasta wholesale you save your time.

In general, our site to cooperate with simple, comfortable, and profitable. We are ready to provide additional discounts for regular partners, including a discount on delivery of goods up to 20%. These questions can be clarified with a manager when you place your first order on the site. It is worth trying to buy pasta wholesale on Inventta and you will get a stable and reliable partner for many years. 

This site allows you to make profitable purchases of groat's pasta in bulk. For customers, it is an opportunity to reduce the cost of purchasing each packet in a large order. Pasta can be stored for a long time and there is no need to worry about it spoiling dramatically. Therefore, buying pasta in bulk at Inventta is considered a profitable investment.