Purchase quality nail care products from the Inventta website

The goods with which nail care is carried out sell quite well in wholesale stores and bases. Therefore, these companies are regularly on the lookout for reliable suppliers. Such partners are needed to ensure a constant volume of products for sale. The supplier's goods should be of high quality and the prices should be nicer than their competitors.

The company Inventta can provide professional nail strengthening products wholesale in B2B format. Our customers already have many European bases and stores. We are ready to provide you with the necessary volumes and our prices will pleasantly surprise you. If you analyze our assortment you will realize that you have a lot to choose from. 

Types of nail care products on Inventta

Nail care products from reputed brands like Concertino, Essential, and Sence Beauty are available on the website. Studying the range of products in this category you can conditionally divide all products into such subgroups as:

  • nail polish removers;

  • cleaning products;

  • liquids for nail polish remover. 

Initially, it may seem that the assortment is not rich. However, even these products will be enough to cover all the needs of your customers in this category. In addition, on our site regularly appears new cosmetics for nails. Moreover, the assortment is not our only advantage. 

Additional advantages of working with Inventta

Inventta provides the opportunity to purchase quality products in bulk. On our site you will find products from popular brands and, if necessary, we will provide quality certificates for each product for cuticle or nail care.

To place an order on the website buyers need to send an email stating the range and quantity of interest. They can also submit it through the website by selecting specific products. In both cases, they need to order a minimum of 20 pallets of products. This is the minimum order for products in the category of professional nail cosmetics wholesale. 

To make it easier for our customers, we are ready to sell them goods on a turnkey basis. Thanks to this we:

  • looking for transportation for the delivery of goods;

  • prepare the documents;

  • arrange cargo insurance;

  • customs clearance and customs clearance for non-EU buyers.

Our buyers only need to create an application for nail care products in bulk, pay for it, and accept the machine at their warehouse. As you can see, it is easy, profitable, and comfortable to cooperate with Inventta. It is worth it and your company should try to place your first order on our site.