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Sil Sapur Teppich Schaum Foam 600ml / 6

Upholstery top 600ml / 12

Xanto Stain Xapp Carpet and Upholstery 500ml

Xanto Whoops cleaning foam. after animals 500ml

Tuba von Emsal Teppichschaum Rasant 600ml

The best carpet cleaners on the Inventta website

Most retail stores offer their customers several options for carpet cleaners. Given the constant demand from customers, it is more beneficial for stores to purchase carpet cleaners in bulk from reliable suppliers. 

Inventta is ready to provide its customers with a constant flow of quality products and fast delivery at wholesale prices. We cooperate in the B2B format and know which products are most interesting to customers. By placing an order on our site you will receive quality service, a reliable partner, and pleasant prices. It is also possible to form an order for carpet cleaning products "turnkey".

What products can be bought on Inventta

On this site, you can buy carpet cleaners for carpets of any material. Most products help to:

  • treat the surface of the carpet;

  • soften its pile;

  • degrease the material;

  • level unpleasant odors.

Among the products presented on the site, you can find products from such brands as Vanish, Sil, Top, Xanto, and others. At the same time, the number of suppliers and brands at this resource is constantly growing, which means that you will soon be able to find a new means for cleaning carpeting on the site.

Advantages of working with Inventta 

The main advantage of this resource is its product line. All the products presented for purchase are developed by well-known brands. Inventta sells products exclusively in the sphere of B2B. Therefore, buying from us effective carpet cleaner companies are wholesale bases and stores.

Our company can provide a service of forming a turnkey order. This means that customers only need to form their order and pay for it. All the rest of the work is done by our managers, which is:

Search for transportation;

  • interaction with logistics companies for the period of transportation;

  • execution of documentation;

  • cargo insurance;

  • customs clearance (if necessary).

As you can see, the company can not only provide the best carpet cleaner but also provide its delivery and registration. Such offers do not come from all similar sites with wholesale purchases. All that remains is to understand how to place your first order on Inventta. 

How to place an order

The ordering procedure on the site is very simple to apply for the best carpets cleaner on Inventta. the customer needs to go to the site. Next, he:

  • finds the desired product;

  • dials volumes of up to 20 pallets of goods;

  • confirms in the shopping cart.

As you can see, this process can take only a few minutes. Once it is completed, you can expect a call from a manager to confirm your order. You can also email us and request and we will also provide all the necessary information. Buy the best carpet cleaning products on the website of Inventta.