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Top billet goods only on Inventta

Harvested goods are actively sold in wholesale stores and bases. Therefore, it is important for companies in this field to quickly close customer requests for strawberry jam and similar products. To do this, they need to cooperate with reliable B2B suppliers. 

From such cooperation, companies expect regular wholesale deliveries at reasonable prices. Inventta is ready to become such a partner for companies in the FMCG sector. On our site you can not only buy jam but also other prepared goods at wholesale prices. It is only important to comply with the conditions of a minimum order of 1 truckload of goods. But opening our catalog you will realize that we offer quite a lot of goods in this category. 

What kind of logged goods you can buy on Inventta

Strawberry jam is in great demand on Inventta. But this site has more to offer than just that. The assortment of prepared goods is also available:

  • different kinds of jam (currants, raspberries, blueberries, etc.);

  • jams;

  • configure;

  • preserves (pear, pineapple, tomatoes, etc)..

As you can see, on our site you can choose quite a lot of interesting products. Depending on the volume of sales, companies buy confit or jam in the volume of 20 pallets of goods. Today we offer almost 15 brands presented in this category. And we continue to develop in this direction, concluding agreements with new suppliers. 

Is it worth working with Inventta

Our site is interesting to customers not only because we can buy different brands of jam in bulk. We are ready to help customers quickly get quality goods for realization from warehouses. 

We have the option of turnkey clearance of goods. Our customers do not need to:

  • look for transportation to deliver the goods to their warehouse;

  • process paperwork;

  • arrange cargo insurance;

  • customs clearance and customs clearance.

All these issues will be taken care of by our specialists. The client only needs to order jam wholesale through our website or by sending an e-mail. At all stages of cooperation, our manager will inform you about the current situation with the delivery of goods. 

Order placement takes no more than 5 minutes. To our customers, we have only 2 conditions: order 20 pallets of goods and pay for it. Already after the first cooperation, you will realize that ordering jam or confiture in bulk on Inventta is easy and profitable.