Inventta 一 the best site to sell quality toilet water at wholesale prices                        

In recent years, toilet water has been in huge demand. Such perfumes are considered to be one of the main items in sales for wholesale stores and bases. Therefore, they need to find a reliable supplier with a wide range of quality products and pleasant prices. 

Inventta Company can become such a partner. Our company cooperates in B2B format with many European companies. On our site only quality perfume toilet water wholesale from the best brands. At the same time, we sell products from a minimum of 1 truckload. For wholesale customers there are standard conditions and they have something to collect such an order on our site.               

What brands of toilet water can be bought on Inventta

In the assortment of this site, toilet water is of absolutely different persistence and saturation. In wholesale stores, the greatest sales of light fragrances can be weathered in a few hours and Inventta can offer this. 

To date, our customers can buy toilet water in bulk from the following well-known brands:

  • Adidas;

  • Axe;

  • Mexx;

  • Old Spice.

All bottles can be of different volumes. However, most products are sold in volumes from 30 to 100 ml. All products that are listed in our catalog, have quality certificates. Therefore, buyers only need to understand how to place an order if they need toilet water wholesale format from our company. Especially since our advantage is not only in a wide range of products. 

How to place the first order on Inventta

To purchase goods on the site of Inventta customers need to apply with the desired assortment. Many simply send us an email with the desired products and their quantities.

Also, if the customer needs toilet water in bulk, he can place an order directly on the site. To do this, it is enough to:

  • visit the company's website;

  • find the desired product;

  • select the assortment of 20 pallets or more;

  • confirm the order.

Our company is ready to provide customers with individual discounts and promotions. Today, customers can get up to 20% discount on the transportation of goods to their warehouse. Also, we care about our customers because they are available to buy toilet water perfume wholesale turnkey. 

Thanks to this we will save you from the need to look for transportation, contact carriers, draw up documents, and insure the cargo. We can also handle customs documents in case the customer company is outside the EU zone. Customers only need to make an application, pay for it and the desired toilet water wholesale will arrive at your warehouse. Working with Inventta is easy and profitable and you can see for yourself.