Delicious candies and dragees in bulk only on the Inventta website 

The sales volume of candy and dragees is quite large when compared to every month. These products need to be brought in regularly and their shelf life allows them to be sold a little longer than just manufactured products. Therefore, many stores and wholesale bases are looking to buy dragees or candy in bulk.

To do this, they need a reliable supplier who can cover their needs. Inventta is ready to become such an assistant. We work with all European companies in B2B format. The products we sell are of high quality and have the appropriate certificates. Going to our website you will see a catalog with products. In the category of candy wholesale buy any position. It is important only to form a minimum order of 20 pallets of goods.  

Available brands of candy and dragees on Inventta

This site contains products from popular brands. All brands are quite famous and wholesale buyers have no questions about their quality. For example, here you can buy candy in bulk from brands such as:

  • Alpia;

  • Bardollini;

  • Bonbon Buddies;

  • Cadbury;

  • G&G;

  • Gilties;

  • Kinder;

  • M&Ms;

  • Mamba;

  • Maoam;

  • Mars;

  • Mentos;

  • Milka;

  • Nestle;

  • Skittles;

  • Snickers;

  • Twist;

  • Woogie.

These brands are known all over the world. And these are not the only brands that are presented on this site. But thanks to them, you can see that we cooperate with top companies from which you can get cheap candy in bulk. However, a wide product line is not the only advantage for cooperation with Inventta in wholesale candy purchases.

Advantages of working with Inventta

Wholesale stores and bases will be able to find Inventta quality goods at reasonable prices. We regularly expand the offered assortment and conclude agreements with new promising and popular brands. Therefore, we can dragees and candies wholesale buy from the best manufacturers. All goods have the appropriate quality certificates.

For our customers, we strive to be a reliable partner, which will facilitate their business. We offer turnkey procurement of goods. This means that you do not need to worry about finding transportation or possible errors in the registration of supporting documentation. These issues will be in our area of responsibility. You only need a desire to buy candy in bulk on Inventta.

Orders can be placed through the site and sent an email to the post. We receive it quickly, process the application and form an order. It is only important that the client complied with the condition and ordered a minimum of 20 pallets of goods. However, for large wholesale customers to buy such volumes of goods format wholesale candy and other products is common practice, and this is a standard condition.