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Cisowianka Natural Mineral Carbonated 300ml

Kinga Pienińska Still Water 1.5L

Cisowianka Low-sodium Slightly Carbonated 1.5L

Non-Carbonated Cisowianka 700ml

Natural juices and tasty drinks at wholesale prices at Inventta

The sales volume of juices and sweet drinks is quite large. Therefore, wholesale stores are looking for reliable suppliers who can provide them with juice or beverages in large quantities. In this case, they will be able to cover the needs of buyers and not lose their customers.

The representatives of the Inventta website are ready to help in solving this issue. Our company sells goods in B2B format. We cooperate with many European bases and stores. Also on our site, you can find a wide range of goods to order juice in bulk. The minimum order volume is 1 truck, but wholesale customers are quite able to afford to purchase so much goods for quick realization.  

The range of juices and beverages on Inventta

Regular customers of our site see that the catalog is regularly replenished with new brands. Today, products from top brands are presented here. Our customers have access to more than 30 variants of goods to buy drinks in bulk. Most of all customers purchase:

  • Aqua Żywiec;

  • Cisowianka;

  • Coca-Cola;

  • Crazy Fruits;

  • D'n'B;

  • Fanta;

  • Mirinda;

  • Nesquik;

  • Pepsi;

  • Schweppes.

These brands are represented in more than one copy. Therefore, our customers have a lot to choose from. But the range is not the only reason drinks to buy juice in bulk on our resource. 

Inventta: ease, comfort, benefit for the client

On our website, you can quickly and cost-effectively purchase the right products to replenish your company's inventory. Any request can be formed by sending a request via email. The customer only needs to specify the items he needs in the category of beverages in bulk and quantities. It is also possible to send a request through the website by selecting the desired products from the catalog. In both cases, the order should be a minimum of 20 pallets of product.

To help our customers, our website gives them the option to purchase the required goods on a turnkey basis. This means that customers only need to form an application for natural juices in bulk, pay for it, and receive the goods at their warehouse upon the arrival of transport. All other processes such as finding transportation, cargo insurance, and documentation (including customs if the client is outside the EU zone) are handled by our specialists. 

For regular customers, we hold regular promotions and discounts. We apply an individual approach to each client who wants to buy drinks in bulk at Inventta. We will be glad to cooperate with your company.