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Sidol Metallpolitur Liquid 250ml / 6

Bref ATA Scheuer-Pulver Powder 500g / 15

Green Shield Stainless Steel Wipes 50pcs

The best products for metal surface care are on the Inventta website

End customers need to have quality stainless steel detergent on hand. These products help to care for and protect surfaces from rust, oxidation, and scale. Therefore, wholesale stores and bases need a reliable supplier of such products. Inventta is ready to help solve this issue with direct benefit to customers. 

On this site, you can find stainless steel detergents at wholesale prices. The official resource of Inventta has a corresponding catalog for customers for cooperation in B2B format. The site provides many advantages and legal entities when choosing a supplier should study the offer from this company. 

Why buy products on Inventta

On this site, you can find the top stainless steel cleaner for home surfaces. Wholesale customers will be able to see on the site a wide range of products from the best brands. Some of the brands that can be highlighted include:

  • At Home;

  • Cera Clean;

  • Cif;

  • Dr. Beckmann;

  • Fairy;

  • G&G;

  • Mr. Muscle;

  • Xanto.

For wholesale customers, the store provides wholesale prices for these items. Therefore, customers can choose any detergents of cleaning metal from rust and place an order. The only thing that needs to be observed is the minimum volumes, which are a must. Buyers can purchase goods in a volume of 20 pallets.  

This resource provides favorable conditions not only in terms of financial costs. The site also takes into account the time costs of customers. Making an order for a metal cleaner buyers only have to make an application and pay for it. All other procedures will be handled by the staff of the site Inventta. 

How to place an order on Inventta

To place any product on the site you need to spend only a few minutes. The procedure for purchasing products is as follows:

  • the buyer opens the company's website;

  • finds the desired product for cleaning metal in bulk;

  • fills the goods for a minimum order of 20 pallets;

  • confirms the order. 

In general, working with Inventta is interesting and profitable. Customers can simply wait for the goods in their warehouse after payment. Employees of this site will look for the necessary transportation, and deal with paperwork, cargo insurance, and customs clearance (if necessary). 

The site is constantly replenishing the assortment in the category of means for cleaning metal surfaces. Therefore, it is worth tracking changes in the resource and working only with such sites that can provide a decent level of service.