Chocolate Delicacies Wholesalers

Delicacies in Chocolate

Get delicious chocolate-covered delicacies on the Inventta website

Various chocolate-covered delicacies may not sell in large volumes, but they sell steadily. The markup on them is higher than on classic chocolate products. Therefore, wholesale stores and bases want to find reliable suppliers with a good range of quality goods. 

It is better to buy such goods in bulk and the company Inventta is ready to help its partners in solving this issue. We conduct transactions only in B2B sales, so we cooperate with European stores and wholesale bases. By meeting the conditions for minimum order collection of up to 1 truck customers will be able to close their needs in chocolate delicacies. 

Types of chocolate delicacies on Inventta

This website offers more than just a few delicious chocolate delights. Unusual combinations that are extremely rare to find at other suppliers are available here. In Inventta's assortment you can find:

  • chocolate-covered peanuts;

  • milk chocolate-covered peanuts;

  • peanut butter buttons;

  • dark chocolate with espresso;

  • chocolate with Brazil nuts;

  • chocolate-covered blueberries;

  • chocolate hazelnut dragee, etc.

You can order the above delicacies in chocolate in bulk within 5 minutes. You just need to use our website or send an email. The minimum volume of ordered goods should be 20 pallets.

Why buy goods on Inventta

This site is ready to provide its customers with a wide range of products in this category. All products are of high quality and this is confirmed by the presence of appropriate certificates. We believe that each client should be shown an individual approach. Therefore, customers can buy delicatessen in chocolate on a turnkey basis. 

This option is most convenient for customers. We are engaged in:

  • finding the right transportation for delivery of goods;

  • draw up documents;

  • conclude insurance contracts;

  • we deal with customs clearance for deliveries outside the EU. 

The client only needs to form an order, pay for it, and receive the vehicle at his warehouse on the day of unloading. Our manager will inform the client about the unloading date daily because he will coordinate communication with the carrier.

In general, to cooperate with us is profitable and convenient for customers. Wholesale stores easily dial the goods for 1 truck because we have a lot to choose from. We look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation.