Buy quality personal hygiene products on the site Inventta wholesale

For large enterprises to buy hygiene products in bulk is a profitable investment. For such goods, there is a stable demand and the total sales volume can significantly surprise buyers. Therefore, it is very important to have a reliable supplier of this category of goods. 

Such a supplier should provide a wide range of products in this category and the right volumes. Also, such companies should sell goods in B2B format otherwise pleasant prices for personal care products in bulk should not be expected. Inventta is ready to become a reliable partner for European wholesale bases and stores. We sell goods from 1 truck, but for our customers, it is not a problem to collect such a volume. Especially since they have a lot to choose from in our catalog. 

What goods are sold in this category

Invent's assortment includes hygiene products in bulk from over 80 different brands. In this category, you can purchase products:

  • for aftershave skin;

  • for beard and shaving;

  • deodorants;

  • for intimate hygiene;

  • for skin;

  • mouthwash;

  • ball deodorants;

  • sanitary pads, liners, tampons;

  • stain removers and bleaches;

  • stick deodorizers;

  • tissues;

  • toilet paper;

  • toothbrushes;

  • toothpastes.

Those wishing to buy wholesale hygiene products can also get additional discounts on the product and its delivery. The advantages of working with Inventta are quite a lot and it remains only to understand how to place an order on the site. 

Procedure for placing an order for Inventta

To create an order for goods on Inventta you need to either send it by e-mail or create it through our website. The second option is processed faster, so companies wishing to buy hygiene products in bulk only need to:

  • visit the website;

  • find the desired products in the given category;

  • collect goods for a minimum of 20 pallets in volume;

  • confirm the purchase.

For all these actions you need to spend a few minutes. 

To our customers can concentrate more on the realization of goods we sell them goods in the category of feminine hygiene products in bulk turnkey. We independently select the necessary transportation for the delivery of the order, issue accompanying documents, and conclude insurance contracts for the goods. For non-EU customers, we are ready to conduct customs clearance of products.

Our customers only need to submit an application for personal care products in bulk, pay for it, and accept the vehicle at our warehouse. We value the time and money of our customers and are ready for fruitful cooperation with your company.