Get delicious teas from the best manufacturers in bulk at Inventta

Store owners need to be able to purchase tea wholesale format. This will allow them to quickly close positions that sell quite steadily and bring a good income. Therefore, companies need to have a reliable supplier of these products.

Representatives of the site Inventta are ready to help in solving this issue. On our site, wholesale stores and bases can in B2B format buy tea in bulk. The site presents a wide range of popular tea brands and trademarks. Therefore, it will not be difficult to quickly form an order of 20 pallets of products for wholesalers. 

Types of tea on Inventta

This store can offer tea from over 15 different brands. On the website of the company Inventta through the catalog, you can buy tea in bulk in:

  • packs;

  • sachets;

  • packages;

  • tubes;

  • tin boxes, etc.

The flavors of tea can vary greatly. Here you can find a classic black or green variant and even non-standard (fruit, berry, orange leaf, etc.). Options to purchase these products are many. You just need to understand how to buying tea in bulk through our site Inventta. 

Ordering procedure on Inventta

Buying on Inventta takes a few minutes. Many wholesale buyers try to place an order by sending us an e-mail with their needs. This option is possible. But it is more profitable to place an order through our website. To order coffee tea wholesale format on the site you need to go through 4 steps:

  • go to the company's website;

  • find the desired product;

  • select the goods for a volume of 20 pallets or more;

  • confirm the order. 

Our company is ready to provide large volumes for wholesale buyers. We understand that you need not just a supplier, but a reliable partner. Therefore, we are ready to sell our goods on a turnkey basis. 

In this case, companies wishing to buy tea wholesale at Inventta only need to form an application, pay for it, and accept the shipment at their warehouse. The rest of the issues will be in our competence. We will draw up all the documents, insure the transported cargo and, if necessary, deal with customs clearance. We will also find the right transportation for the shipment of goods. 

In addition, we are ready to provide individual offers for customers who want to buy tea in bulk on our site. Now you can get up to 20% discount on product delivery. To work with Inventta is safe, reliable, and profitable. See for yourself by placing your first order on our site.