Quality body lotions only at Inventta

It is profitable to sell body lotion to wholesale companies and bases. This product is in stable demand and does not depend on the season of the year. Therefore, its sales volume is impressive and companies are regularly looking for reliable B2B suppliers for this product category.

The representatives of Invent are ready to help your company. We sell various body lotions in bulk throughout Europe. Our customers purchase volumes from 1 truckload, but these are standard terms for wholesale buyers. After analyzing our assortment you will realize that we have a lot to choose from. 

With what brands work Inventta

On Inventta's website, wholesale stores and bases can find nourishing, moisturizing, and even perfumed body lotion at wholesale prices. Among the assortment in this category are the following brands:

  • Bebe;

  • Bubchen;

  • Dove;

  • Garnier;

  • Nivea;

  • Palmolive.

Here you can find not only classic milk but also new interesting combinations in the form of gel-milk and sunscreen. The assortment of such products is quite interesting, and its quality is not in doubt. It remains to figure out how to buy moisturizing body lotion on Inventta

Checkout procedure on Inventta

To purchase products on our website stores and wholesalers need to create a corresponding application form. To do this, they can either send it to us by mail or spend a few minutes making it on our site. The latter option will allow us to take it to work more quickly. To buy body lotion on Inventta you just need to:

  • go to the site;

  • select the desired products;

  • form a volume from 1 truckload;

  • confirm the purchase.

So that our customers do not worry about anything but the purchase of products and their sales, we are ready to provide them with the opportunity to buy goods on a turnkey basis. For such customers, the issues of finding transportation, paperwork, and cargo insurance will be our area of responsibility. If the body lotions wholesale want to buy not from the EU country, we will deal with customs clearance of goods.

We also regularly provide our customers with promotions and discounts. Today there is a discount of 20% on delivery of goods. It is better to clarify the details with our managers. In general, our site presents the best body lotions, and by buying them from us you will be able to close the question of finding a supplier in this category for a long time. You should start cooperating with Inventta because it will be easy, comfortable, and profitable for your company.