Jellies Wholesalers


Delicious jelly can be bought in bulk from the Inventta online shop

For wholesale stores and bases, the main indicator of profitable goods is their sales volume and jelly is in fairly high and stable demand. Therefore, such companies need to find a reliable supplier. Such companies should have a wide range of quality goods and good volumes of products to promptly close customer requests. 

The site Inventta is ready to become a reliable partner for those who need jelly desserts at wholesale prices. On this resource, you can find many different delicious things from this product. Customers only need to form an order with a volume of 1 pound. But for wholesale buyers, this is standard practice. 

Advantages of working with Inventta

This resource presents the products of top manufacturers. Those wishing to buy jelly in bulk at Inventta will find goods from brands that are known around the world (Berggold, Edeka, G&G, Macarena, and Sir Charles). Flavors include the following:

  • citrus;

  • red glazed;

  • Apple and cinnamon;

  • banana;

  • mixed fruit;

  • orange;

  • berry;

  • chocolate.

At the same time, the company continues to expand the range of jelly assortment in its catalog. Many customers see the quality of our products and continue to place their orders. However, the assortment, although important, but not our only advantage. 

How to purchase Inventta

The procedure for processing goods on Inventta is as follows. The customer must:

  • visit the website;

  • find the desired product;

  • collect the goods for a minimum volume of 20 pallets;

  • confirm the order placement.

Also, an application for the purchase of jelly desserts in bulk can be sent by email. For our customers, we provide constant promotions and discounts on both the products themselves and their delivery. We are interested that customers are busy exclusively forming orders. Therefore, we offer turnkey ordering. 

This approach allows us to take many issues out of the area of responsibility of customers and concentrate on that gel jelly to buy from us. This is the search for transportation, registration documents, and cargo insurance. All such issues can be transferred to our shoulders. We also handle customs clearance for buyers outside the EU. 

Cooperation with Inventta is easy, comfortable, and profitable for wholesale buyers. They only need to do 3 things: form an application for jelly desserts, pay for the order, and accept the goods at their warehouse. We are ready to become your reliable partner, and you only need to take 5 minutes to form an application.