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What's the difference between jelly candy and gummy candy?

Jelly candy and gummy candy are two popular types of confections, often enjoyed as sweet treats. Despite their similar appearance and texture, there are distinct differences between the two:
Ingredients: The main difference lies in their ingredients. Jelly candy is made from fruit juice or fruit puree, sugar, and pectin (a gelling agent). On the other hand, gummy candy is made from gelatin, which is derived from animal collagen, along with sugar and flavorings.
Texture:Jelly candy tends to have a smoother and softer texture compared to gummy candy. Jelly candies are usually more wobbly and less chewy than gummy candies, which have a firmer and chewier texture.
Transparency: Jelly candies are often translucent or semi-transparent, allowing you to see through them. Gummy candies are usually opaque and do not have the same see-through quality.
Production process: The manufacturing process for both types of candies differs. Jelly candies are typically cooked at a lower temperature to preserve the fruit flavors and maintain their softer texture. Gummy candies, on the other hand, require heating the gelatin to a higher temperature, resulting in a firmer consistency.
Flavors: Both jelly and gummy candies come in a variety of flavors, but the taste and intensity of fruit flavors in jelly candies may be more pronounced due to the use of real fruit juice or puree.
Vegan or vegetarian options: Since gelatin, the main ingredient in gummy candy, is derived from animal sources, it may not be suitable for vegans or vegetarians. However, some gummy candies are made with alternative gelling agents like agar-agar, making them suitable for those with dietary restrictions.
In summary, while jelly candy and gummy candy share some similarities, such as their chewy nature and fruity flavors, their ingredients, texture, and manufacturing processes set them apart. Whether you prefer the smoothness of jelly candy or the chewiness of gummy candy, both provide a delightful indulgence for candy lovers of all ages.