Branded hair mousses buy on Inventta

At first glance, hair mousse is not the most popular product in the assortment of wholesale stores and bases. But the demand for it is quite stable and the presence of reliable suppliers helps such companies significantly increase their income. It is not easy to find a partner from whom you can buy quality goods in this category and the right quantity.

The company Inventta can be your reliable supplier. We sell hair styling foam at wholesale prices in the assortment from 1 truckload. It is standard practice for medium-sized European companies to purchase goods in this volume. If you look at our assortment you will realize that you will have a lot to choose from when forming such an order. 

Assortment of hair mousses on Inventta

Our site allows its customers to buy hair mousse more than 20 different types of hair mousse from brands such as Nivea, Taft, and Wella. Among the mousses sold are:

  • classic;

  • tan;

  • ultra-clean;

  • refreshing;

  • anti-aging;

  • cream-mousses, etc.

Customers can choose any of these types of products. The volume of these products is from 75 to 180 ml. We sell only quality hair styling mousse and provide all the necessary certificates to our customers. But the range is far from the only advantage of cooperation with Inventta.

Other advantages of working with Inventta

Making an application on our website is straightforward. Wholesale stores and bases either send it by email or send it through our catalog on the site. In the first case, they just need to send a list of wholesale hair mousses and their quantity. In the second, specific brands can be selected. The application through the site will be processed faster. In both cases, the minimum order should be from 20 pallets.

For regular customers, our company holds special promotions and discounts. Today, wholesale buyers who need hair mousse for men's or women's hair can get up to 20% discount on delivery of goods.

All goods we sell in B2B format and turnkey. In this case, in the area of our responsibility:

  • search for the necessary transportation;

  • execution of accompanying documentation;

  • cargo insurance while it is in transit;

  • customs clearance for non-EU customers.

Not all wholesale suppliers have such offers. Our customers who need to sell foam for hair volume can simply form an application, pay for it, and wait for the arrival of the machine with the necessary cargo. In general, working with our company is easy, comfortable and profitable. You can create your first order on our website and see for yourself.