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Quality face creams only on the Inventta website

The sales volume of face creams at many wholesale stores and bases takes up a large share of the total revenue. Therefore, these companies need to find reliable suppliers who can sell these products in large volumes. 

Inventta is ready to become a partner in B2B sales of facial care products. Our site presents top face creams from well-known brands. To our buyers, we put forward only the condition to form a minimum order of 1 truckload of goods. But for wholesale stores and bases, it is quite real volumes for sale in less than a month. At the same time, our catalog has a lot to choose from. 

Types of face creams on Inventta

If customers are looking to buy a face cream, they should browse the Inventta range. There are several brands with world-renowned products available here. Each of them can offer the following types of creams:

  • day;

  • night;

  • moisturizing;

  • for dry skin;

  • nourishing;

  • cooling;

  • exotic, etc.

The company Inventta does not stop at what has been achieved. We are regularly looking for new partners and ready to add their goods at wholesale prices for their customers. All that remains is to find the right night or day cream for your face and make a purchase on this site. 

Ordering procedure on Inventta

Customers can purchase the goods they need by placing their order with us. To do this, they either send it by e-mail or create it on our website. The latter option will help to process the order more quickly. 

To buy moisturizing face cream on this site you need to take a few simple steps, namely:

  • open the site;

  • find the desired face cream;

  • form a minimum order of 20 pallets;

  • confirm the purchase. 

For its customers, Inventta provides an opportunity to buy the desired products on a turnkey basis. In this case, we are engaged in the selection of the necessary transportation, cargo insurance, and registration of the relevant accompanying documents. The buyer only needs to create an application for face cream in bulk, pay for it, and accept the goods in our warehouse upon arrival. 

For regular customers, we are ready to provide additional promotions and discounts. Today there is a discount of up to 20% on the delivery of goods. For non-EU companies, we are ready for customs clearance and customs clearance of goods at their border points. In general, it is favorable to cooperate with Inventta. So pay attention to our site when you are looking for where to buy face creams in bulk for their enterprises.